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April 22nd 2016
Fishercap Lake, Glacier National Park

July 3rd 2015
Time for Babies in Montana

June 3rd 2015
Banff and Lake Louise

May 28th 2015
Discover Hidden Lake

May 22nd 2015
Kootenai Falls and Memorial Day

Oct 10th 2014
Growing Geese From Day 1

June 6th 2014
Discover the Southern Oregon Coast

March. 6th 2014
Our Generation
Backwards and Forwards

Jan. 7th 2014
River Frost

Nov. 29th 2013
Pictured Rock Tours

Nov. 8th 2013
Black River Trail

Sept 2nd 2013
Goats on the Farm Day One

August 2nd 2013
A Day's Fishing

July 26th 2013
Trail of the Cedars

July 19th 2013
Twin Falls

July 26th 2013
Hidden Lake Trail

July 19th 2013
Going To The Sun Road

May 3rd 2013
The Waterfalls

March 7th 2013
Evening Elk Visit

Feb. 8th 2013
Dressed For Winter

Jan. 4th 2013
Celebrate with Lights

DeerLake Video Archives

Pictured Rocks
Munising Michigan


This historic lighthouse stands north of Munising Bay at the southern tip of Grand Island. It was first constructed in 1868, as a guide for boats traveling in from Lake Superior to the east channel of Grand Island and safely in to Munising Bay. The East Channel Lighthouse was restored during the early 2000s and stands as a reminder of what past sailors used to find safe harbor.

Historic Lighthouse on Grand Island

Caves of All Colors

These caves are aptly named and will have you getting your camera out so the detailed colors can be later analyzed. This coloration has been occurring over centuries with the unification of ancient sandstone rock and mineral enriched waters that cascade down them.

Caves of All Colors on Pictured Rock Tours

Painted Coves

The vast sandstone walls and coves that encompass Pictured Rocks are something to marvel. These coves are ever changing works of art and were created from groundwater and springs, rich with minerals such as iron, copper and lime that leak out of cracks in the rock, then trickle down its face.

Painted Coves of Superior Lake

Minor's Castle

The first major landmark that you will see is considered by many to be the most famous formation of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Its comprised of several eroding caverns at the base with a steep sandstone wall leading to a crown-like structure at the top. During the spring of 2006, two turrets fell into the lake after the rock slowly eroded and forever changed the look of the majestic Miners Castle.

Minor's Castle on Lake Superior

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